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Isaac is a musician, singer song-writer and entertainer from Geelong, Australia.

Isaac did not begin as the talented musician and entertainer he is today, he instead found his passion at age 16, enjoying the medium of music originally and eventually growing into entertainment. It all started quite simply, enjoying making someone smile and eventually growing into purposeful construction of songs, sketches and anything that could draw out emotion and enjoyment.

Not being incredibly gifted from the age of five, (as a lot of musician stories go) Isaac has known the value of working his ass off (pardon my french) to realise his passions. Isaac draws inspiration from artists such as Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran, Vocal Few and The Classic Crime and believes that if a song doesn't mean anything, there's no point writing it.

In his entertainment you will find a somewhat obscure and Monty Pythonesque humour that is designed to give you a constant chuckle with a thrown in belly laugh from time to time, while in his music you will find deep and meaningful songs that make you think and feel.

This contrasting balance is something that Isaac strives to maintain, without the serious the entertaining has no value and without the entertaining, the serious becomes very monotonous.